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Using the Echelon for Large Channel Count Applications 

The Echelon includes special network hardware and software to synchronize multiple distributed DAQ systems using only a single Ethernet cable between systems up to 100 meters apart. 

It uses the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Version 2, where each network device constantly checks with a master timing device to stay in microsecond synchronization. Up to eight Echelon mainframes can be connected as a single, large synchronized Data Acquisition System operating over a wide area. Each Echelon mainframe continues to record all its data to its own internal SSD as always. Aspire software provides unified control and merging of the data from all mainframes.

In a Multi-Box configuration, each Echelon mainframe continuously synchronizes its internal disciplined clock oscillator with a Master time reference which can come from a number of sources. Therefore, the precise time of every sample and every event is known. Whenever an event such as a Recording Start or a Trigger occurs, it is time-stamped by the Master Echelon system and communicated to all other chassis. When the acquisition is complete, the Aspire software merges the data from all participating chassis by aligning their precisely-known start points. Because each chassis is continuously synchronized by PTP, a Record of any length remains exactly synchronous across all units.

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