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Adaptive Power DC Loads

2018 New Products 

New Year, New Products!
Two New DC Load Options to be released in January!
Programmable DC Current Waveform Option for DC loads, and a
Quick Charger Test option for smart USB device chargers on 4 Series DC Loads

The Adaptive Power 4 Series of Programmable DC Electronic Load Modules are ideally suited for testing multiple output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, LED lighting power supplies and other power products.

General Micro Systems Displays

MMPV 10 Oct 2017.jpg.scale.LARGE 


Army Chooses Rugged Displays and Embedded Servers for Mine-Clearing Vehicles

U.S. Army mine warfare experts needed rugged displays and embedded servers to help view and control sensor data on the Army's mine-clearing armored vehicles. They found their solution from General Micro Systems


Hi-Techniques Echelon


Using the Echelon for Large Channel Count Applications 

The Echelon includes special network hardware and software to synchronize multiple distributed DAQ systems using only a single Ethernet cable between systems up to 100 meters apart. 

ETS Solutions Pneumatic Test

ETS Solutions Shock and Drop Testers

ETS Solutions offers Pneumatic Horizontal Impact test machines, which no matter the shock response spectrum of acceleration, or energy spectrum, overall accuracy is better than the traditional Pendulum Shock Response Spectrum test machines.

The VAB Series Pneumatic Collision test machine, for example is used to test a product’s ability to withstand shock and destruction in actual use. With this information, the shock resistance of the product structure can be tested, and optimization of the strength can be utilized, thus increasing the reliability of the product for the end user.


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